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Fully Automatic Tent

Fully Automatic Tent

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Experience Instant Outdoor Comfort with our Fully Automatic Camping Tent:


  1. Quick and Effortless Setup: The camping tent can be opened in 2 seconds by hand, requiring no special skills. Enjoy the simplicity of installation and dive into your camping adventure without delays.

  2. Breathable Wide-Screen Window: The movable breathable wide-screen window design enhances tent breathability, reduces heat and humidity, ensures strong light transmission, and increases indoor brightness.

  3. Versatile Outdoor Modes: Choose from three outdoor modes - door ventilation mode, mesh anti-mosquito mode, and anti-peeping mode. Easily adapt to diverse outdoor scenes. The tent comes with ultra-light and small storage bags for convenient transportation and storage.

  4. UV-Resistant and Sun Protection: The 190T Oxford canvas bottom and 190T sunscreen silver tape bonded fabric provide a secure shelter, protecting you and your friends from the sun's rays during your outdoor escapades.

  5. Convenient Roof Light Hook: The roof light hook design allows users to install camp lights at night, improving visibility. Additionally, the bottom storage bag provides a handy storage solution.

  6. Spacious and Stable Design: The tent offers ample space and a stable structure, making it suitable for various outdoor activities such as beaches, lakes, parks, hiking, and camping.

Function: UV-proof, Moisture-proof, Waterproof.

Material: Fiberglass Rod + Silver Coated Cloth

Expanded Sizes:

  • S: Single Door Tent - 2x1.25x1.1m
  • M: Double Door Small Size - 2x1.5x1.2m
  • L: Double Door Large - 2x2x1.35m
  • XL: Two Doors and Two Windows, Large Size - 2x2x1.3m


Elevate your camping experience with our Fully Automatic Camping Tent—a blend of innovation, comfort, and functionality. With quick and easy setup, versatile modes, and UV-resistant materials, this tent is your go-to choice for outdoor adventures. Enjoy spacious interiors and a stable structure in various outdoor settings, making every camping trip a memorable experience.


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